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1st post, and a few questions, but mostly looking for ideas.
I have been reading this forum for quite awhile and now have done enough reading where I feel comfortable discussing my ideas at the level at which some of you take this hobby :wink: . With that said here are my ideas.

I have been looking into setting up a PDF tank for some time now. I really have this fascination with doing a 180G wide or a "72 x 24 x 25" or similar sized tank. I know allot of people say start small. I have been actively keeping VIV's etc for some time now, and with great success. I really want to do a PDF tank with carnivorous plants and orchids. Here lies question one. Are those types of plants safe for use with PDF's? I cant imagine a venus fly trap eating a frog but I suppose it is possible with some of the thumbnail species. Onto my next question. Does anyone in the Austin TX area have any knowledge of drilling glass aquariums? I would love to use glass but acrylic I know I can manipulate and cut etc. My idea is to have a very shallow river running though my tank. It would start as a waterfall and progress then empty into a pond which would drain through the bottom to a sump/filtration area below and then be pumped back up for re-entry into the system. I like this idea as I can use misters foggers etc and not worry about increased water levels in the tank it self. All water draining or removal could be done from the sump. Here is my next issue problem etc. I am really not that great at doing the background and I have thought of doing a Great Stuff molded background but the foam thing scares me. I am great at the idea and design part, its the putting it all together where I seem to reach a drastic shortfall. I guess I am just now after 3 years starting to put down on paper exactly what I want to do. I am going to buy all the parts then sit there and tinker until I get it perfect. I am in no rush, I just want it right. I am looking forward to hearing some of your responses, ideas, and proper criticisms.......

we actually just had a austin area chapter of texas dart frogs meeting today, i'm sorry you missed it. we will meet again around the first of july. shoot me a pm and i'll keep you posted.

i've been drilling tanks with a friend that is a glass worker, but am relying on his expertise.

as for the vft, the frogs would most likely trample it to death as each trap can only close a couple of times before the leaf dies. you would also have to leave it in the pot and sink the whole pot into your substrate so that you can pull it out to give it winter dormancy.

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