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exo terra...please help as i have many questions =)~

howdy all,
well i was at a local pet shop today and saw the exo terra glass terrarium...they had 4 different ones and i opted for the largest. its 18x18x24Tall. i havent done a vivarium yet. ive been trying to do my homework but i find a lot of mixed opinions. in this size set up what type of plants would not outgrow the system? my main concern right now is what lighting would you use to sustain the plant life? and lastly what species of PDF would you recommend for a beginner...something that feeds easily and i could have atleast a pair of. pref one that does not hide 24/7. oh oh 1 more question. would 1 mist nozzle on this size set up be to much? thank you in advance.

there are websites which specialize in vivarium plants. vivarium concepts offers plants suited to darts, as does black jungle. a really amazing site with pics and culture info is cloud jungle epiphytes, not all of their plants are for frog vivs, but they are knowledgeable and friendly and will help you select appropriate plants.

if you want a mister system, you must drill the tank for a bulkhead to avoid flooding. if you only plan on a couple of tanks, hand misting is a nice option.

people have different opinions about the best beginner frog. you need to choose one morph per enclosure. auratus and leucomelas are able to live in small colonies, but i wouldn't suggest it in an exo-terra. auratus are also usually very shy. tinctorius are generally kept in pairs because of aggression. they are really bold and hardy frogs with many morphs to choose from. tincs or leucs would be my choices for best beginner frogs.

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