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first time PD frogger
I must say, this has become one of my most addicting addictions. Rather expensive too! Well in any case, ive got 6 or 7 froglets in a 20 gallon long. ive been feeding adult and maggot fruities. only thing is, the froglets totally suck at catching them. they miss 10 out of 11 strikes. heck they even miss the maggots and they barely even move! dusting the flies seems to go against the frogs in that they do not move much until theyve cleaned off the dust! i abundance feed just to be safe, plus they have all day to eat (nothing else better i spose lol). am i over analyzing or do they just have to get the knack of eating? i do not know how old mine are but the biggest one can fit comfortably on a nickel while smallest (auratus) fits on a dime.

also figured out sterilite containers do not hold in moisture and that mistake cost me a very nice single spotted citranella and a beautiful patricia, not to mention expensive mistake as well. which other airtight containers are there? tupperware just seems so small...

thanks in advance!
Gotta use the shoebox style Sterilite containers. Many people use these with moist sphagum or paper towel on the bottom and they hold moisture fine. Put some big dead oak or magnolia leaves on the bottom for the frogs to hide in.

I've noticed some froglets that are REALLY young have a rough time catching food. You might wanna try springtails as well. Also, I never liked the idea of throwing 1 billion fruit flies in with a couple froglets. I wouldn't want my food surrounding me like that.

Hope some of that helps, and welcome to the addiction!
Hi Chris,
it sounds like you have some VERY young froglets.

Like Antone said, a Sterilite container or a small (5gal aquarium with a lid) would be best for these guys for a while. I would suggest the paper towels over the sphagnum moss, very young froglets can have a hard time manuvering through the moss as well as having a hard time finding their food.
Feeding springtails would be a good idea also.
It's better to feed small portions a couple of times a day, the fruit flys crawling on the froglets wil stress them out.

Be sure to dust the flys at every feeding.

Good luck with them, keep us posted.
I was using the shoebox sterilites. dampened the towels on verge of soaked and sprayed abundantly. im just going to stick with what works for me and thats aquariums with glass lids.

I dont throw in a billion flies per se, but i do add about roughly 8-10 flies per frog in the morning and by evening assuming they havent found the cracks in the glass lid, are eaten. i also do on occasion get a hold of 1 wk old crickets. those seem to be easier to catch but are cost and housing prohibitive.

My remaining frogs are doing fine. this is a classic case of messing with something that was working fine. that old saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' definitely applied.

thank you all for the advice given!

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