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PDF in 10 gal. Paludarium?? - Is it do-able?

Hi everyone,
Need some help deciding if my little plan is doable. I am currently setting up a 10 gallon paludarium for my 6 yr. old son's guppies. It will be 2/3 water 1/3 land area with a waterfall wall covered in Java moss. There will be live plants in the water and I have ordered the "exotic plant sampler for Dartfrogs" from Black Jungle plus some tillandisias as well.

My question is this. Is this sufficient room to keep 1 PDF? At this point, I'm thinking one of the Tinc's but am open to suggestions. There will be guppies in the water area and possibly some FW shrimp for algae control. There will be a cypress branch that will come up out of the water to the land section.

As for the ability to care for a PDF, while the tank will be my son's, feeding, care will be my responsibility until my son is old enough to take over. For the record, my older boys both have multiple small pets and take excellent care of them.

My plan right now is to get the water side of the tank up and running and get the land section established before doing anything. Ideas? Suggestions ? Advice ? Am I nuts ?

1 3rd of a ten gallon tank is no where near enought space of a PDF.

How about you go to a 20 or even 30 gallon tank and do 50/50?

I think your frog can drown if theres water that's too deep.

I was thinking it might be too small for PDFs, but wanted a sanity check. Problem is my son desperately wants a frog (he's actually nuts over red-eyed tree frogs).

I'm setting up this 10 gal. as an experiment - doing it with stuff I already have lying around the house. Also, I don't want to put a lot of money (I know PDFs are pricey) into setting things up initially. So maybe we let this run for a couple of months to see how things got then take the 20 gallon tall that's in the attic and convert that.

So, if a PD is out, is there another species of amphibian that could live in this setup and not eat the guppies or their babies?

Don't know of anything that will be full proof guppy safe but african dwarf frogs are pretty harmless(not Xenopus). I'm keeping a few Cynops orientalis and another newt species and find they seldom are able to catch fish...however the newts in most petstores are in horrible shape and difficult to get to live past a few weeks if you select the wrong ones.

I think we have decided that for now, that the tank will remain a planted tank with guppies. We are now looking at setting up a 10 gallon terrarium in addition that will contain an amphibian of some sort.

More research to be done first though. Lighting, etc. to support live plants, feeding (though we feed tiny crickets to our fire-bellied toads and our leopard gecko - so keeping them is nothing new.) Adding fruit flies is easy.

Substrate will be T-Rex Jungle Bed with a water dish for a water source. I've purchased an Exo-Terra Clamp lamp with a Hagen 100W Day Glo incandescent for lighting, but need to do some research.

I had a 55 gallon tank setup as a palud with some ranas and some guppies. I never had a problem with my ranas eating them.

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