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Heating a Viv?
Do any of you heat your viv? I live in Connecticut, and especially in the spring and fall, we get pretty severe temperature swings. It's pretty common for temperatures to get up to 75 degrees during the day and then drop down to 40 degress at night. Do you generally just keep the entire room's temperature around 65? Also, how do you keep the temperatures from getting too hot for the PDF's? In the summer we can hit 110 degrees or more and turning the AC on and off isn't an exact science for people without Central Air. Just curious how everyone else manages it or if maybe I'm looking too deep into it. I want to get my first viv set up and keep it for 2-3 months before I get a frog or 2 and yes, I will quarantine them :lol:
Most of us do not heat the vivs. In fact, most of the time we are trying to get the temps down. With the lights over the vivs, the temp can rise pretty easily inside the tank. If the temp in the room gets down to 65 degrees, is is not a problem.
hey redmaw,

the answer is yes, heat or cool the room. i have a window type a.c. unit with a non-digital knob to control temp. when the power goes off for a second the digital type won't auto-restart, unless that's featured on the box. the knobbie ones will.

i used a small space heater with digital thermostat during the winter. you need to re-set it if you loose power, but general consensus is that frogs can handle getting cool better than hot, so you have a bigger window to catch the problem (heater off, that is).
I live in a very rural area and power loss isn't all that uncommon, so we have a generator and even a few uninterruptable power sources with battery packs for our electronics. I can probably hook up an AC unit to one of them or purchase another ups. I have a relative that works in HVAC, so I'll get in touch with him and see what my options are for the room. I just wasn't sure if heating/cooling the whole room was the norm, or just that tank. Thanks for your responses.
I live in fl. and we lose power a lot during to lighten and hurricane's so i keep screening to duck tape over the tops in the summer when we lose power longer then a day.

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