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Sticky Tongue problem
Since I cant ID the prob ill state the situation. my lime sip chases the food but when it strikes, it doesn't seem to be able to reel the food back. it also seems the food isn't sticking to the tongue. it hits the food items but its like they're not returning to the mouth. I have other froglets the same size if not smaller that don't seem to have the prob the sip does. it even misses the maggot s! Anything i can do to compensate ? Also whenever it does manage to reel one back, it tends to spit it back out (getting tickled by the fly feet?).

Thanks in advance!
without knowing more about the situation, it almost sounds like a calcium deficiency. One of the early signs is a lack of coordination.

How old is the frog? How long have you had the frog? Do you dust your flies when you feed?
The frogs exact age is unknown. I can ask the breeder. Ive had the frog maybe a month. Food is dusted with the calcium by Mardel and Rep-Cal multivitamin thingie.

I wouldnt say its lack of coordination. It sees and finds the food. Just when it strikes the food, its as if the food is not sticking to the tongue and remains right where it is. it'll take several strikes and then lose interest in that particular item.

i raise cichlids and i know babies never do as well as the rest. The breeder told me that frogs are just as fish, that not all will ever live to maturity that there will be some losses due to reasons beyond human control. is this possibly one of those cases? i understand some loss will be inevitable but if it can be helped, i want to prevent that.
If this tongue issue was confined to small froglets ect, I'd be inclined to go with the survival of the fittest explanation, but I've seen this in large adult frogs a few times. I've heard of this occurring in adult breeder tincs that previously had good weight and no feeding problems, so that makes me lean heavily toward a nutritional deficiency.

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