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When do Dart Frogs make sounds?

i am new to dart frogs and i have been doing an emense amount of research on them before i set up my tank. i have been reading alot of books but there is one thing i cannot seem to find out. i know that dart frogs come out and are active during the day but is that also whne they would make there mateing sounds? i live in a house with alot of my friends AND the last thing i want to do is keep them up all night with croaking. so if anyone can give me some info on the noises they make and when they make them i would be very grateful

Well, I have to say this is an interesting reguest 8) . This might help you out Just click on the type ((or similar)) of frog your looking for, since I am sure you should have a pretty good idea after all of that research. I think the sound bytes come off a little louder than they seem from this site. --Corey

Does anyone have a db level of a male dendrobate? Or maybe a comparison, say the level of a cricket or a buzzing light ballast?

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