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Feeding termites

I got a whole nest of termites and was trying to feed to several frogs (azureus, leuks, Citronelas and S. Cobalts) with limited success.

The larger frogs would go after them but would stick their tonge out like if the temites burned their tonge. Other would eat them without any problems.

On the second day of feeding termites, they were not very eager to eat them. Has anyone had the same experience?


After aboout a week I have seen that the Tincs (Citronellas and Cobalts) which are the biggest frogs will eat the termites very well, the smaller froglets will not take them now.

Termites, besides being a hazard to have around the house, come in a great natural container to feed the frogs. When I need to feed, I just break a piece of the nest with a whole bunch of termites inside and then place 2" x 2" pieces inside the viv so the frogs take them as they move inside and out of their nest. The termites usually don't wander away from their nest piece.

The largest Citronella I have can't have enough of them.

Hi Alex,
termites are a great food source for the darts.
Not all frog will be interested in them, especially if they are too large for the frogs.
Instead of feeding termites everyday, you might alternate with your other food, and skip a day with the termites.

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