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  • 5 "frog tank" good for Dart Frogs ?
#1 is offering a 65 gallon "frog tank" which has partitions, turning the 65 gallon tank into essentially six 10 gallon tanks. It has a false bottom, and custom fit lids over each separate enclosure. You can find photos of this interesting set up at: ... lPictID=95[/url]

For $150 bucks, I am considering this. However, I have some questions. The dimensions of each enclosure seem not quite right for either terrestrial or arboreal PDFs. I would appreciate any feedback on this particular tank, and how it shapes up as a potential viv for pdfs.

Also, if I were to order a custom tank from this company, assuming I would want a similar setup only with 3 enclosures within a single tank, planning on let's say imitators/vents/imitators (all vertical species), what size/dimensions tank would I ask them for a quote on?


Greg L.
Temperance, MI
Hi Greg,
one thing to watch out for with the divided tank that you have pictured is that each section is not totally enclosed. Notice that they have a common area in the false bottom. I would be very concerned about transmission of bacteria, pathogens, etc. via the false bottom.

With those dimensions, sectioned off into 6 compartments, would not really be enough room for frogs. I think Glass Cages will configure the tank just about anyway you want, so you might go with fewer compartments, or even consider a different tank all together with a little more height.
Ah ha. Cindy, thanks so much for your learned reply. I am new to the hobby, and just had a feeling something other than dimensions was not quite right, otherwise we would be seeing more of them on this board and others.

The dimension issue is easily addressed by Glass Cages as you say; however, I am not willing to risk the frogs' health with the potential of a pathogen going through the entire enclosure and potentially wiping out the entire collection.


For someone like me, who is "creatively challenged" and also not very handy (and a working stiff I might add, so time is an issue as well), the idea of this set-up was appealing.

You have convinced me that doing it the old fashioned way -one tank at a time - is the right thing to do.

I suppose it's time to go get cracking on my first vertical...(though that lid situation really spells trouble for me, I am sure of it)

Greg L.
Temperance, MI
Glad to help, Greg.

You can pick up a 15 gal tank at Petsmart for around $25, this would be a good size for a couple of thumbnails.

One tank at a time is not a bad thing, each tank you set up will be a learning process.

If you need help, don't be shy about asking,that's what we're here for.

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