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ABG mix, cocos panels, film cannisters, tree fern, corkbark
First off I want to apologize for the online-offline activity of this week. I moved servers, updated security, and did some other changes to make Josh's Frogs safer and easier to use.

We also added a ton of products this week including:

Corkbark-You pick the piece you want. $4.50 a pound
Suction cupped film cannisters-Black or White $.25 a piece
Cocos Panels-From the netherlands. $14.99 60x20x3 cm / 23.6x7.9x1.2 inches
Tree Fern Plaques-10"X10" for $5.99
Alifor-Expanded clay pellets. 1/2 Cubic foot $17.99 or 10 gallon size (3.5 LBS) $5.99
ABG mix-From the Atlanta Botanical Gardens recipe. 4 quarts $4.99 or 8 quarts $8.99

Order these and other great products at

I'll be adding more corkbark, tadpole feeder containers, and Rep-Cal w/o D3 to the site tonight.

Josh's Frogs will be closed Saturday, June 10th through Monday, June 19th, so order by Friday or your order won't ship until Tuesday, June 20th.

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