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Looking at starting this hobby...

I have always been in to frogs, every since I was 2 years old I have loved PDF's. Any information on some of my questions/concerns would be greatly appreciated.

Poison.. I have read that captive bred PDF's lose their toxicity completely, how true is that really? I have other animals and plan to have children in the next 6 years. I know PDF's are not a handling animal but if one got out some how, it could very easily become a very large problem.

If they maintained some or all of their posion in even one, how likely is it to cause a problem with changing water or cleaning a filter for their water or something like that?

I read about the fact of not mixing species in one tank, I plan to use my 70g glass tank and take a hint from 15 years of salt and fresh water fish in a filter idea i have. How many frogs could be housed in that size tank with room to spare? It is a standard 70g (48x18x20).

Foggers... I have seen those junky expensive (50$???) petstore fog sort of creation machines.. Are there any other (and better) solutions out there that might be the same price or less and a lot less maintence that would do well in a tank that size?

How much water space, and how deep do PDF's need? Most of the viv's i have seen pictures of have very little water so I am curious what is the recominded max.

I will be modifying my 70g for this project and I dont like to drill glass so I am going about the water another way. Whats the avarage gph that is pumped through most water falls?

DIY.. I love to DIY, if i could DIY for a living I would.. What I would like to see is some more information on setting up your own tanks for this stuff. I have read a few of the posts on this board (i dont know of any others at the moment that are helpful) about how some people went about making their own. I have learned some from that but other suggestions and ideas are helpful as well to try and make the best enviroment as I posibly can. Any links to sites that show how they setup their tank, or your own would be helpful. I love pictures of the process of building the setup so that would be the most helpful.

I will post other questions as they come too me, I think this is a decent start. Any other suggestions, comments, ideas, telling me to go away (kidding.. Right?) would be appreciated as well. Thanks for your time and help with this.

I have taken a vary different route than most froggers,"I never let my frogs play on the freeway" haha sorry. I have a little post it is in set up and construction,"Go big or don't go at all". I am trying to get pictures up but don't have any now. I believe that over filtration is the key. That comes from my fish back ground. The more and more natural filtration I believe is better. I am new to this also so take that in to account but have been VARY successful so far. I have handled my frogs with no problem captive bred frogs have no toxicity. The rule I have been told is about 1 frog per 10 gallons but it depends on what you are keeping. Lots of hiding paces and territories is my big suggestion. Black jungle is a good place to start they have a lot of good links and of course VARY HIGHLY RECOMMEND they are the most helpful people out there and have a great web-site with great info. GOOD Luck

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