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Can you mix different Poison Dart Frogs and Tree Frogs ?

I defintially want to get a poison frog tank set up.

can you mix different poison frogs together ?

can you mix tree frogs with poison frogs ?

Ithink the tree frogs are those slick/slimy looking frogs with the big feet and crazy colors right ?

what other animals could you put with poison frogs ?

i found the tree frog i want specifically... it is the red eye tree frog.

am i able to mix these with poison dart frogs?

also i want to get a green, blue, yellow, red and orange dart frog.... can i have all of these different colored dart frogs together?

what size tank would i need for them?


if you will do a search on the subject of mixing species, you will find that it is strongly recommend that you do not do this.

It is recommended that you not mix other species of frogs with the darts, and it is also recommended that you do not mix morphs of darts.

Please don't mix your red eyes with darts. That just sounds bad. I have red eyes and several other types of tree frogs as well, (no darts yet, but working up to it) and I mix none of them. It's not advisable to try to create a microchosm of the earths amphibs into one tank. The rule I live by is never mix species.

i agree i would never mix the species, i asked that question about a week ago so i had the same delema

DO NOT MIX THE FROGS (they really dont like it may result in death) Confusedhock:

Aside from the possible contamination and spreading of disease, new or old, hybridization, undue aggression on various levels, the fact that even same species egg eating is very common even in larger vivs, and the fact that the only benefit to a mixed tank is the added pretty colors, I can tell you that the two times I had fairly large mixed tanks not egg one was produced. I can only see the down side to mixing. Using a zoo for a yardstick is not always a good idea. I am sure all of us have seen zoo set-ups well below par of the "hobby".


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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This is just my opinion and a very good friend of mine who owns a store has told me that mixing frogs is ok AS LONG as if you see a frog becoming territorial take out the smaller one who is getting beat up on. Your frogs wont create babies unless they hibernate and then only after that will they begin to mate. I have a mossy tree frog, red eyed tree frog, and many types of different darts all in one 55g vivarium. This IS ONLY MY OPINION AND A RESULT OF THE LUCK I HAVE HAD. I have a cobalt, azureus, bumblebee (orange), powderblue, bronze and gree, black and green, black and blue all together and I havent EVER had a problem. All are growing healthy and happy!! This isnt recomended but hey how much fun would it be if you always followed the rules??? This is just the luck I have had and ALL of my frogs are from the same breeder. What you do is on you but good luck.

SkiDoo800DartFrog writes:
"Your frogs wont create babies unless they hibernate and then only after that will they begin to mate. "

darts DO NOT hibernate.

sharing advice and experience is what the boards are about, but posting erroneous information as if it were fact is not helpful.

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