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Sexing Mystery

Most of my frogs(green and bronze auratus) look to be female, I cannot see any huge difference in the size of the front and back toes, but this morning when I was feeding them, I heard a low, grunting kind of buzz coming from one of my auratus.

All three came out of the water on December 5th.

Do you think one could be a male, but he isn't old enough to show porportionately larger toes yet?



Some auratus are kind of hard to sex (harder than tincs, for instance).
My turquoize and bronze breeders don't look too much different from one another, but a call is a dead giveaway.

Brian T. Sexton

*whew* Thanks. I knew that if I heard a call from one of them, it had to be male, but wasn't sure if what I heard was, in reality, a call. Thanks for the reassurance!

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