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55 Gallon - Best type of PDF and number of frogs ?
I've been into aquariums for 11 years and lately I've been wanting a change. I think a nice vivarium with a few frogs is just the change that I want.

I have a 55 gallon tank which is 48 x 12.5 x 20. I was hoping to make a really nice background. From my experience with aquariums I know which silicone is safe, but I'm not sure on exactly what /foam/ everyone seems to be using. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

Also, in that size of tank how many frogs could I keep? I know it depends on the type of frog, but what would you suggest for someone new to keeping PDF? Thanks!
:twisted: Black Jungle has a really nice article on how they set up one of there tanks. I would check that out that is where I started and then check out so of the postings in here. After that look at a lot of web sites and take notes on what you like and don't. There are no real rules just take what you like and screw everyone else.
LOL, Thanks Voodoo
Will no one other than the class clown Help this Man???
LOL. From looking around more I think I've settled on getting my self some intermedius for my tank. And I finally found a thread that said what foam was being used. So I think I may have to run to the hardware store today and grab myself some Great Stuff.

Though I definately need more driftwood :/

Annnndd. .. Imma girl XD *laughs*

My one major problem is that I'm Canadian, and there aren't too many frog people in Canada that I can find online. But I actually located an online Canadian store! ^^ I won't be getting the frogs until later in the fall I think, I'll let the tank run with plants for a while first.
O.k sorry for the sex mix up I'm still trying to get that one down. Boys have uummm what is it called and girls have longer middle toes. :lol: What ever! The Canadian thing well sorry about that to. O.k sorry I think Canada is a vary beautiful place and love those cannabis tea houses. From what I remember it was better than Amsterdam but I do not remember much. That is the right foam. Be careful on what silicone you use and when you do the silicone and coco stuff work in small areas like 6"x6". Spread the silicone good not to thick but you do not want to see any white and press allot of coco hard into it my first attempt sucked I used to little coco. I am a big guy and was afraid to press to hard, thought I might break something so I did not press nearly hard enough. I had to do it all again Cry I have left my newest tank up and running for about 2 months now after planting. The first month I spent dialing every thing in and the second I have just been enjoying. I have introduced some fish into the pond just to make sure there is no weird killing thing going around my tank. Better to lose $15 in fish than $200 in frogs. I hope I am helping just my way of doing this not the right way :twisted:
XDD *pets* Thanks for the tip on the coco stuffs. ^^ I grabbed me some GE Silicone II (the black door and window stuff) *crosses fingers* wish me luck!

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