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mold ! noooo !

Ok, I just set up a new terrarium, and I's gots me some nice spidery webesque mold. What's a girl to do? Will it even hurt my frogs? I haven't put them in yet. Is there a safe treatment? Thanks!

What is it growing on? I dont think it will hurt your frogs, I am sure they are exposed to some nasty stuff in their natural environments.


its growing on jungle pods and another piece of wood and attaching to the substrate (cocofiber)

If you continue to have a problem you might try drift wood. Can you keep it dry or at least dryer?

I always get mold when I setup a new tank. It will be gone in a few days. Every thing just needs to balance itself out.

give the mold a week or so, it will be gone. I would only worry if the tank has a really bad smell to it.


Most woods will initally mold when put into a moist tank like a Vivarium, once the wood is saturated with mold it stops, the mold shouldn't hurt any of your frogs, i've had some pieces of wood mold when darts were in the Vivarium, they weren't affected. As Mantellaprince said it should be gone in a week or so, and cause no harm, good luck with the frogging


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