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Worm Dirt question...

I have a worm farm of sorts for composting my vegitables for our house hold. We only eat purely organic foods in our house and so that is all that gets put in to the worm bins. The "dirt" that is produced from the worms is has HUGE amounts of goodies for plants to eat and is used as a top layer for planting. It does not compact much under high amounts of water, it is perfectly safe for any plant and I have never heard of a problem with any animal as well.

Would this be needed in a Viv with PDF's or useful at all? I was thinking just to start it out and maybe to top off the soil once a year or so. Also the worms that are used are Red Wigglers, if I put some in with the frogs would it be safe to eat? I read some where a few months ago that someone was doing that as another food source. I almost thought about just releasing a few hundred of them in to the soil and letting nature take its course that way as well. They would help keep the soil loose and clean while also helping the plants. They would reproduce naturally and the population would maintain its self even if a frog got ahold of one or two a day.

I was really hoping for some reply in regards to this subject. I can not find anything on the boards with dealing with this sort of management for the plants. Anyone out there have any input on this?

The only input I can offer, not knowing anything about the red wigglers, is when in doubt I would er on the side on not introducing , or at least being the first to introduce, anything that may possibly run amuck in an established Dart viv.
My vivs cater to the Darts , not the plants. Every now and then I read posts on lighting a viv with WAY more wattage than Darts need (which is almost none) to cater to the plants. The plants Darts live amongst do fine with dart poop as natural fertilizer, can do fine in a watt per gal, and are generally very low maintainance. If you are trying to grow more picky plants I would suggest growing them in a non-Dart viv.
The worms you are asking about may very well be very helpful but I would suggest a very small scale experiment before adding them to a permanent enclosure for Darts.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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i've used red wigglers in my vivs....i've never seen a dart eat one...but i've never had any problems with them in my vivs. I just put em in there to airate the soil. My biggest worry would be as a vector for introducing pathogens. There is always that risk. As far as population...they seem to maintain a steady population without exploding.

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