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Am I a good candidate for keeping darts ?

I am tempted to convert my viv to house some darts.
I hope my inexperience doesn't show too much but some questions arise. I hope you all will give me some pointers..they'll be much appreciated.

1. Is there any way I can combine dart frogs with a body of water deep enough to keep some small fish in it? Or will they just drown..period?

2. There is cigarette smoking going on in the same room. Yes, yes..bad for us but bad for the frogs?

3. The tank I am planning on using is quite large for darts. 3 feet in length and conventional aquarium proportion.Has anyone had any experience with dividing an tank into different areas the frogs can't leave and doing so in a way that is pleasing to the eye (natural) and safe for the frogs? i.e. What would be the kind of obstacle a dart frog wouldn't be able to take that wouldn't just ruin the look of the tank?
Do they jump? I can't believe I don't even know that. :roll:

4. I have two dogs and they are important enough to me to not take any kind of risk with their health.
What species would not pose a threat if they would ever escape and be eaten by the dogs? Or would they all?

Hi Martijn,
welcome to the board.
1) You can use bodies of water with dart frogs, the key is to provide them with a way to crawl out of the water when they jump or fall in. Meaning, no straight sides. Most people construct their ponds with a "shoreline" either made of rocks, wood, corkbark, or peat bricks.

2) No smoking in the frog room. Keep the door closed. You might even purchasing an air purifier for the room to be sure no smoke makes it in to the room.

3) A 3 ft tank, depending on the other dimensions, could make a great set up for darts. Trying to divide the tank may not be worth the trouble . What is the height and width of this tank? Yes darts do jump, some better than others, they are also good at scaling glass.

4) The key is to be sure your tank is secure so the frogs do not escape.
If you are concerned about the frogs escaping while you have the lid open, I would remove the dogs from the room while you are working in the tank to avoid any accidents. The frogs will usually not last long outside of the tank. They will quickly de-hydrate and turn into "frog raisins".
Captive bred darts have no toxicity, on the other hand, farm raised/ imports ???

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