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Proper Orchid placement ?
I am placing an orchid in my viv and I'm not sure what type it is. It is small with small white flowers and light green 3" surfboard shaped leaves. I was going to put next to a water fall the roots would stay wet all the time. It would not be in a pool of water but the water would drip off the roots all the time. Should I put it in a dryer place that would not be a problem. Thank you all for you the past and future help.
Unfortunately that isn't much to go on, so I don't know what kind of orchid you have. In general, however, most people would recommend that you do not keep your roots constantly wet. If you have a convenient place that is not constantly wet, your orchid will perform much better.
Why yes, I do have orchids you could grow in a vivarium... *grin* (orchids!)
There are 50,000 orchids so if you don't post a picture of your plant, it will be close to impossible to guess wich one it is.

Very few orchid species can take having their roots wet all the time. Most of them live in trees and the roots are in contact with the air, so most of the time the roots are dry.

Orchids tend to have a slow death when not treated right, and once they start to go down, it's very difficult to recover them.

My first thought of having PDF was to place inside my orchid greenhouse, which I've had for the last 10 years.
I have a very large collection of orchids and naturally wanted to put a few of them into my viv as well. I would recommend any of the bulbophyllum orchids as ideal for the heat and humidity. I grow them on fiber pots in a saucer of water so they would probably be ideal for the conditions you are talking about.

I added Bulb. lasiochillum and Bulb. lepidum 'Charlie' to my background and in just a month or so they have both rooted and took off well.

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