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GS sealant
Do I need to seal my GS or will a covering of GE II be enough to protect it? If so do I need to ensure it is completely covered in GEII?
most people will cover the Great Stuff (once it has dried) with the silicone, and while it is still wet, embed coco fiber in the silicone. Covering the Great Stuff with the silicone will ensure that you do not have the screaming yellow showing through.
so what is the official ruling on the bioseal? Harmful or not?
i'm not sure who makes the official call, but my suggestion would be that if you have not already used the GE, why risk it? DAP makes brown and black silicone which is "food safe" rated.
I have the "bio seal" in my newest tank.. It has been up and running for 2 months approx-with about 1 month with frogs. No problems yet.
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
I would be inclined to go with something that is rated "Food Safe". The adverse affects ( if there is any) may not be immediately apparent, it could be in low doses and something that may take months or years to reach a toxic level.
Muchos gracias

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