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New to PDF
As the subject says, I'm new to PDF's. I've owned/ own geckos, and snakes, and set up a couple of viv's with my wifes help. I've been doing alot of research recently and have noticed that some people say the PDF's are hard to mainaint properly and that people should be "experts". I was wondering how much of this was true, and the best way to start out.
Hi sdcannon,
welcome to the hobby.
Saying that dart frogs are "hard to maintain properly" is subject to interpretation. Just like any other animal, the darts do have some basic requirements. As for people needing to be "experts", there are a number of dart frogs that would be suited for a novice. On the other hand there are some darts that can pose a little more of a challenge, and should be left for those with more experience.

The best way to start out is by doing your reasearch before you obtain the frogs. The internet is a wealth of information. There are many breeders websites that offer information and care sheets. Like myself, most breeders will be glad to answer any questions you might have about the darts, just ask.
Hey! You should check out's a fantastically informative site. I started out last October with a Costa Rican Green and Black Arautus and a Surinam Cobalt, both of which have proved very hardy and forgiving of a beginner's sometimes less-than-perfect care.[/url]

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