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Is this mating or fighting ?

My 3 leucs are in a 29 gal. now and this morning I was watching them as always and noticed them acting quite strange at first I thought that maybe two of them were mating but then the third one decided to investigate and the female got mad I think and jumped on the males back, wrapped her front legs around his neck and rubbed her head back and fourth on his head, and then when she finally got off she jumped on the other male and did the same thing. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

sounds like leucs at play. Keep an eye on them, but I doubt it is anything to be concerned about.

Thank you for the info. It turns out that you were probably right and now I have another question for you and that is we now have 4 eggs what do we need to do? Should we take them out and make the tadpole tea?If so how do we make that ? is there a web site that we should check out?

Congrats on the eggs Lana!
You might leave the eggs as is until you can determine if they are good or not.
Good eggs will remain black, and evenly shaped. Bad eggs will turn grey or white, and start to get deformed. If this is the first time these frogs have laid, do not be disappointed if the eggs are bad. Sometimes it can take a while before the couple will "get it right"!
Were the eggs laid on a leaf, or do they have a coco hut with something underneath of it for them to lay on?

How long does it usually take for the eggs to start turning colors and getting deformed. To answer your question they laid on a leaf right out in front of their tank it was pretty cool to get to watch them through out the day. They also have a coco hut but we don't have anything under it what do you recommend? And will the fruit flies do any harm to the eggs?

you should be able to tell within a day or two, they will start to look cloudy, and they will start to get deformed if they are bad. If they stay black and do not cloud over, they should be good.

You can place something under their coco hut (petri dish, plastic lid from yogurt container, etc.) that they can lay their eggs on and will be easily removed if you chose to incubate the eggs. If it looks like the eggs they laid on the leaf are good, you can leave them on the leaf and incubate them.

Other than the fruit flys possibly getting stuck in the egg jelly, they really pose no problem to the eggs, but if you pull the egs you might want to clean the eggs mass and remove as much debris as possible. Some of the debris can be removed by gently flushing it with a stream of spring water, you might also need to swab it with the edge of a paper towel to get some of the more stubborn debris.

if left in the tank to hatch, would the parent leucs take the tads to a water source?

i hope to eventually get some luecs, but i'd like to leave them in the viv while breeding to let nature take its course if its successful instead of messing with tads in cups etc when they would have been fine in the tank with the adults.

they will deposit the tadpoles in a water source if they find a water source they deem suitable, and to their liking.

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