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Is Phyllobates terribilis ok for a Beginner ?

Have finally finished the construction of my first pdf viv.
Everything seems to be fuctioning nicely.Plants growing, humidity and temperature stable.
Problem being, it's very difficult to get hold of pdf's here.
Now I have been offered some P. terribillis.
I'm quite interested in a pair. My viv is the largest exo terra.
How would you guys rate this species for a beginner ?
I have access to other fruit fly cultures if mine were to go bad, also the guy I got the offer from lives close by, is very helpful and has been keeping poison dart frogs for about 12 years.

All comments greatly appreciated. Smile

If you can get terribillis, go for it. They are a decent dart frog for a first time keeper, and it sounds like you have someone that can offer help when needed.

Are these the mint terribillis?

Thanks for the reply! Smile
They are yellow terribillis.Completely yellow.
Have seen them eat etc.Look very healthy to me.
Will post pics as soon as they are in place.
Maybe a kinda construction journal aswell.

yellow terribillis are great looking frogs! I'm sure you will be very happy with them. We look forward to seeing your pictures.

I have been trying to view vivarium concepts and the font size comes up way to small to read on my screen. The website looks awsome from what I can see, I just can't read the font size. Do you know how I can make the font size bigger so I can read it ? THANK YOU in advance Heather.

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