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How to create a stream in a Viv ?
I am thinking of doing a waterfall and a stream in my tank but I am unsure of how to create the stream with out it going into the substrate. I am going to use a false bottom and have it empty in to a lowered end of the viv. Any suggestions on how to do this would be great. Thanks again for everyone's help.
there are a number of ways to create a stream. You can use pond liner, to form the stream, then line it with silicone and embed rocks in it. You can also do the same with the spray foam, form the stream, coat it with silicone and rocks, and you can also achieve same nice effects with mortar.
What type of mortar do you suggest using?
Also, why is it that you are the only one who ever responds to my topics? It would seem to me that alot of people who raise dendrobates seem to be a little, how do I say this without being offensive, snobbish? Is it because they think that us newbies might, God forbid, steal there ideas, or take up revenue that they may get from breeding? I'm not looking to breed. I'm just looking to have a hobby that I can share with my kids who love my other frogs.
I have been raising tailless amphibians for years and I have never NOT gotten a response from forums that I have been on. I was on another group (i won't mention there name but I'm sure you know who I am talking about) and never got any responses to my questions. I have many hobbies, fine scale modeling, sculpting miniatures etc etc and have never felt unwelcome like I do in the PDF hobby. It is a big disappointment. I certainly appreciate you answering my questions as i get no response from anyone else. I guess all of us noobs have to suffer and figure things out on our own, unless we get lucky and have you read our threads. It's too bad for the PDFs who may die at the expense of us noobies who only want to learn to better keep our frogs in good health. Thank you and I cetainly do NOT wish to offend. I just want to learn.
hello travisf50,

welcome to dart den. there are quite a few nice people who take time out of their day to answer posts on this board, but it is a smaller board than some. however, it's quality, not quantity that matters. bless cindy's heart for dedicating lots of time to this forum recently. i like this forum a lot, but have been super busy building new vivs which are plumbed for misting and drainage. i'll post pics one day.

as for the mortar, i just got some from Vivarium Concepts which is safe for our purposes. i haven't played with it yet, so don't have any advice.

I have been trying to sign in to DartDen for a week now with no success(till now)

I think the servers were down or not working properly- I was unable to sign in from any computer.--Maybe this is the reason you got no responces..

I have made streams out of black trash bags before. Just cut a strip a little wider than your stream, form the substrate(preferably aquarium rocks) to make your stream... then lay the strip of plastic over and cover it with rocks/silicone/dirt... Should hold water and stay put.

Happy experimenting!

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
Frank, aren't trash bags designed to decompose over time?
the possibilities are endless.

the large viv i'm building will have a stream made out of flexible guttering thats cut in half lengthways and have gravel siliconed to it.

can probably get it at any hardware store are garden shop:
[Image: gutter.jpg]
Great ideas. I don't want you all to think I was trying to be harsh. That was not my intention. As for my stream I will have to figure something out. All of those are great and maybe I'll try each one in one inch increments, that way no one feels left out. I'm kidding of course. I've been researching for months and am going to Home Depot today to get my supplies to start the false bottom and background. Wish me luck. It's my first attempt. I'm using a tirty gallon tall but I have to evict my Cuban tree frog to a 20 first. That's okay, he's boring anyway. So i'm off. I'll post pics as I go along. Thank everyone for all of there help. It is highly appreciated.
Quote:That's okay, he's boring anyway

Hmmmm......wonder what the tree frog thinks of you!?!?
Don't get me wrong, he's a good pal: we take walks on the beach, go to movies together, and sometimes I treat him to a candle lit dinner but lately he's been a little rude. Not to mention he cussed out my wife the other day and he's three months behind on his rent.
Quote:but lately he's been a little rude. Not to mention he cussed out my wife the other day and he's three months behind on his rent.

Well that ungrateful little.......
Just when you think your raising them up properly, they pull something like this!
Cindy Dicken Wrote:Frank, aren't trash bags designed to decompose over time?

I dont know :oops: I suppose your right. I used the 3 mil black trashbags for heavy duty yard waste. I set up the tank while I worked at a petstore for a mantella display. It lasted up till the day I got fired :oops: and who knows how long after that(at least 6 months). But, an alternative would be just plain ol visclene plastic, this stuff comes up to 6 mil thick and wouldnt decompose. This is used as moisture barrier for floors. Its sold in huge rolls 10ft wide by 25 ft rolls.. up to 100 feet rolls.
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
Thats a lot of streams !
I made mine out of styrofoam and covered it in brown silicone , then applied more silicone and coco hair on the edges . the main part of the drain is under the last piece of driftwood at the end of the river . I found thick styrofoam and a dremel were the easiest way for me to get the exact look and flow I wanted .
These are some raw looks and a close up of the drain .
that's fancy!

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