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Not able to sort by new posts only!

I usually visit this board a couple times a week, and used to just select new posts to view, which comes up after you sign in on the mainpage, when I click on it now I am logged off, and when I sign in it says no post match my criteria. This is very aggravating, because no matter how or where I sign in, when I click to visit the forums I am signed off, and when I return all post are marked as read.

Once in a while that happens to me also. Usually it will happen for a few days and then go away, then happen again.

not sure if this is related but I can't make a new thread until I have made 2 posts. Its kind of annoying because the first post you make will generally be an introduction thread that you start. I guess its for board security.... oh well, down to 1 post befire i can do my intro.

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