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GE Silicone with bioseal !
Okay I just got off of horn with GE Silicone division. I asked them specifically if the new version of GE II with the bioseal label on it was exactly the same as the old one and they said yes. The only reason that they are now putting it on the front of the tubes is because they are trademarking it and are using it as a marketing tool. I called five times in a row and proposed the same question to five different people and they all said the exact same thing. Each time I followed up with the question "So you have not changed the it at all and it has always had bioseal in it?" Each time the answer was yes. So, you can take it for what it is worth, after all none of you know me, but it has always had bioseal in it. I am going to use on my viv. I'm considering their answer as straight from the horses mouth. Good luck.
Thank you for that answer. I went to the arts and crafts store today to see if I could find anything else there and there was nothing there either. I think I am going to use it as well inless someone can come up with a much better solution because I have looked high and low for one and can not find one. I found all types of things that looked good until I read not useable with foam. The ones useable with the foam where not water proof. Its driving me crazy! I am off one more time to search the web for something better. I will let you know if I find anything Smile
So let me get this straight, its safe to use ? Because i have the 100% silicone GE and that's all i have left and i was wondering if i could use it ? so can i ?
yeah its perfectly safe. i build tons of tanks. never a problem.

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