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Wanted a dendrobates azureus pair
will pay up to $150
I have several azureus pairs, and may be willing to part with one to make room for some other frogs. Where are you located? Are you willing to pay for shipping and thermal protection?
Eastern U.S. and how much would that be
Just a sugestion...
eastern US stretches from Maine to Florida...
To accuratly estimate costs of shipping (in most cases) and appropriate packaging, a zip code is generally needed.
If you're paranoid about revealing such info...simply p.m. or email the person.
Brian T. Sexton
Shipping this time of year would have to be overnight priority delivery by 10:30 or pick up at Fed Ex for the animals health because of the heat in my area (Va). I asked where you were because many times there are breeders within a hundred or two hundred miles where a pick up or meet may be possible. Even with the cost of gas it often works out to be the same price as shipping (about 35-45 bucks). I just picked up 1.3 leucs and the breeder met me half way because I was willing to give him a good price for the animals. I have a one proven pair and one un-proven pair that I may be willing to part with if you are still interested.
I just want to know who supplies the D.AZ.s I have yet to buy a tank.

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