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Brizilian Yellowhead/basti pair, Giant orange, red amy
- 4 giant orange froglets - well started - about 4-5months old. parents from patrick nabors
100.00 each
picture of the parents
[Image: normal_frogs.jpg]
[Image: normal_giantorangebabies.jpg]
-(4 red amy's) - 1 is a female and the other 3 are juvies - about 4 - months out of the water - T. Kelly line - real nice - taking best offer for the female and 100.00 each for the babies
[Image: normal_DSC02385%7E0.JPG]
it is hard to get a picture of the female - i was able to get a glimpse of her before she jump out of frame
[Image: normal_redamy.jpg]
male/female orange basti - male is from patrick nabors, and the female is from will (the frogfarm). the female is missing a eye. she scratched it on a brom about a yr ago - she was treated and has been doing just fine for the past yr. the male calls alot (when i find the time to Mist) - i have not got any babies yet - but that is probably cause i dont mist.
asking 170.00 for the pair - i will also toss in the tank - it is a 10 gallon vert
[Image: normal_DSC02394.JPG]
[Image: normal_DSC02393.JPG]
2 - Brazilian Yellow Heads - they are about 8 months old - - nice and fat - i am 90% sure they are male and feamale - there is a big differnece in the toe pads. i have another male and female pair and they are identical to these guys.
asking 185.00 for the pair

[Image: normal_DSC02390.JPG]
only taking offers in the MD area - i live near frederick and could maybe drive to meet.
i will consider shipping for trade offers

---------am only looking for:
truely fine spoted/ or banded luecs (not normal leucs that more of a banded or fine spoted pattern)
yellow sip proven pair
Cit male
std lamasi
matecho -(yeah right - i know i want get them - but thought i would list)

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