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Tadpoles Wanted in NV
hi all !

I have a question: I was explaining to my son how tadpoles turn into frogs and he asked me to buy some tadpoles so he could watch.

Where do I find them ? What kind of equipment do I need ?

Please note I am not interested in keeping frogs, just tadpoles - as soon as they have transformed to frogs I will throw them away - so I don't want a large tank or anything like that.

Thanks for any help you can give Big Grin
:?: I've got some tadpoles you can have so that you can throw away the frogs when your done. :roll:

I would suggest getting some tadpoles from a pond and then re-releasing them back to the pond when they morph out.
Thanks for the reply David. Unfortunately, I live in Nevada, US which is very dry. I rarely see ponds and have never seen frogspawn over here. Sad

Can I buy some from anywhere ? Do they 'travel' well etc ?

Thanks again for any help Big Grin
Hey Jobe not to sound like a jerk but this post is actually quite offensive to me. Here's another educational idea for you. Why don't you instead get a dog, get it pregnant from another dog, sit around and watch it's belly get big and when the puppies are born throw them away. I'm sure you have burlap bags and bridges over rivers in Nevada right? Many species of amphibians are becoming extinct and or endangered and the population of amphibians as a whole is thinning. Maybe you didn't mean throw them away literally but some of us enjoy frogs like others do "regular" pets. I just find that statement to be offensive. There are websites out there that allow you do to do just what you are looking to do but I suggest you find a pet store and see if they will take the mature frog when you are ready to toss it away. Who knows maybe your son might want to keep the frog as a pet in the long run. Thats what happened to my son and know it's my hobby and it is something we enjoy doing together. Buy a book with pictures in it and when your done reading that throw that away! Maybe you should watch how you word things!
I have to agree with Travis. I thought what he posted when I read this. There are plenty of things on the internet that can show the process without having to own a frog at all. That way you don't have to go through the expense or time of taking care of something you really don't want to take care of. There are much better ways of showing your son the process then buying a real one and discarding it like a piece of paper. Besides doing that won't show your son a respect for living things at all. Which is what I would hope would be part of the process....trying to teach your son a respect for living organisms is a much better lesson then showing him part of a life cycle and then tossing it out as if it doesn't matter. Anyhow as Travis stated you can usually get tadpoles in a petshop or garden center. But before you do make sure that they will take the morphed froglet.

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