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12" Living Hinge and polished cocohut
Order only at

12" Living Hinge $2.99
12" hinge (can be cut to desired length for smaller tanks). Holds 1/4" glass, acrylic, or plexiglass. Just snap each piece into the hinge and you are all set. You must also buy a hasp or door catch to keep the door from coming open. Clear with white ribbon down center.

[Image: livinghinge.jpg]

Large Polished Cocohut $3.99
Small Polished Cocohut $3.49
The base of the small polished cocohut fits a petri dish snugly. The base of the large polished cocohut is 5"-6". The cocohuts mimic the poison dart frogs natural breeding spots. Place a petri dish under the cocohut and you will have eggs in no time! The perfect solution for a hiding shelter with that "natural look". These items are made from real coconut and will help increase the beauty and appeal of any terrarium.

[Image: halfsideholepolished.jpg]

I also added a bunch of large pieces of kampas driftwood to the site.

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