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fecal please

I recently purchased a trio of adult tincs from a small pet store. I have them in a quarantine container and I am trying to collect a fecal sample to be tested. I have had the animals for a week and I am finding very few stools in the container (like 2-3). i finally figured out that they are having loose or very watery stools (right word for that?). Should I try to collect that to sample off the paper towels (they use the waterbowl too)? what would be causing the animals to have loose stools? Is it stress from the quarantine container/change of environment? They seem healthy, eating fine, laid 2 clutches of eggs in the past week too. The only health issue I can see is that one has a small nose rub that is getting better. I'm taking what fecal samples I can find to be tested tomorrow, but I would like a heads up if this sounds familiar to anyone. I have not had this happen before.

thanks in advance to all replies, ~Lauren

1.1.1 Hawaiian Auratus (reticulated), 1.2.2 Leucomelas, 3.2.1 Cobalt Tincs, 1.0.0 Kauluha & Creme / Camo Auratus, 2.0.1 Yelloback Tincs, 0.0.4 Azureus, 1.1.0 Spotted Auratus

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