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auratus eggs -is this normal ?
I have a couple of Hawaiian Auratus that laid a clutch of 6 over a week ago. Since then most have molded and all that I have left is one lonely tad. I have a short video clip of what the tad pole is doing and I was wondering if this is normal? What should I do from this point? Does the tad look healthy? So many questions so little answers..... If someone could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it, any comments or suggestions would mean a lot.
Not sure if the address that I provided can be viewed by others so I am including this one. Not sure that it will work either. If anyone knows how I can add a video clip to be viewed in this forum please let me know.
Many thanks,
Maybe this one will work if not I give up. :oops:
No luck with the video Myrna.
Maybe you could describe what you are seeing and we could give it a shot.

Is this the first eggs the frogs have laid?

Did you remove the other eggs that molded over?
Well to no success have I been able to properly load the video of my Tadpole. So instead here are some pictures and I will do my best to describe what is going on.

The Tadpole I have looks rather small, I guess I figured it would be a little more plump and bigger. The tad measures about 1/4 of an inch from head to tail. What I discovered today is that the tad’s tail keeps twitching. I believe that this is a good thing in one sense because "It's ALIVE" but I don’t know what I should do from here on. I am open to any suggestion or comment.
Thanks again,

This should be my last post before getting a response :lol:
Hello Cindy very glad to get a comment from you. Yes this is the first eggs that the frogs have laid for me. And yes I have removed the eggs that molded over. Since your post I have posted a new post with pictures and a brief description of what is happening. Let me know what you think? Your advice is greatly valued...
Myrna, are you talking about the clear blistering appearance?
Probably picked up a bacterial infection. I would keep an eye on it, but it's probably no good.
I Hope not, and if so I guess there isn’t a hole that I can do about it now. I will certainly keep a close eye on the tad and take more pictures when I can. I will keep you posted on the progress. By the way I know you probably don’t remember me but a while back I posted a message about the problems I was having with keeping a variety of frogs in my 90 gallon tank. I wanted to personally thank you because you were very polite and helpful to me during a difficult time in my rearing of the frogs. You made a suggestion about converting the tank for the Leucs only and I have done just that. I currently have three Leucs living in it and they couldn’t be happier. Thanks once again for your valuable opinion and your vast knowledge.
it is not uncommon for a young pair of frogs to have their first few clutches of eggs go bad. They will eventually work it out. Did you pull the eggs, or are they still in the tank with the adults?

Are you supplementing the adults diet with a good vitamin/mineral powder? I know sometimes it is difficult, but if you could vary the adults diet, that will also help.

I'm glad to hear that you got the leucs set up. They're great frogs and should bring you lots of enjoyment.
We are always glad to help!

Keep us posted on the tadpole.
As it turns the tadpole did not make it. I hope that I have more success in the future. I will keep an eye for any more clutches and how they come out. About supplementing I am using the Rep-Cal Herptivite and calcium powders which I switch every other day for dusting the fruit flies. When you say "you could vary the adult’s diet" what do you suggest? Let me know I am interested in finding out...
Not to worry, there should be more.
You might consider leaving the tadpoles in the tank for the adults to transport to a water source. We have had trouble with the tadpoles for a couple of our pairs getting a bacterial infection. When we left the tadpoles in with the adults. we had no problems.

Some other food options would be wax worms, termites, silk worms, rice flour bettle larve. Even if you can only feed them something different once a week, it would be better than nothing else.

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