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Horizontal or Vertical Vivariums ?
I am just getting into PDF vivs and have been researching for a while but have not found a discussion on horizontal vs vertical tanks:

Your ideas ?

I am going to convert a min. 55g aquarium but don't know if I should set up a horizontal or vertical tank.

Thanks !
Welcome HoomHow.
One of the major deciding factors as to your tank orientation will be what species of dart frogs you are planning to house in the tank.
Some species are more terrestrial and would benefit from a tank with more ground area, while the arboreal species would enjoy a vertically oriented tank. If you have an idea of what species you are interested in starting with we might be able to help you narrow it down.

Hmmm, since this is my first time keeping PDFs I was thinking the easier species .... like D.auratus,D.azureus,D.leucomelas*,D.tinctorius,D.truncatus* ...

Leucomelas, truncatus, or auratus, would be a great choice for your first frogs. I"m not saying some of each in the same tank, what I am saying is a group of leucomelas, or a group of truncatus, or a group of auratus. No mixing please.
These frogs are going to be primarily terrestrial, so they would benefit from a vivarium designed with a large footprint as opposed to a vertically oriented vivarium.
Excellent. Thanks for your response!
Keep us posted on your progress.
I'm having a similar dilemma but I don't want to hijack your post :lol:
a 55 vert would be hard to light well
think, it aint illegal yet

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