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4 D. Azureus fro sale in Atlanta/Macon/Columbus GA area


I've got 4 Dendrobates Azureus for sale in GA! I've enjoyed keeping these little guys for about 2 years now, but I'm afraid it's time I find them a new home! I'm asking for $65.00 each for them and I'd like to keep the sale of them restricted to the West GA/East AL area because it's SO very hot and I don't want to risk shipping them. I'm in Columbus, GA and woul dbe willing to deliver them for an extra charge.

I also have a 55 gallon gallon planted tank set up that's been housing these guys. Price of this (as well as pictures of frogs and tanks) are available upon request!

andy warhols wig @ gmail .com

(without the spaces, of course!)

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