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Background material on top of GS (other than silicone/coco)

Hello all, I am doing the research before building my vivarium and have had some great help so far. THANK YOU!

I have read a post (on here I believe) but haven't been able to find it since.

Instead of using the silicone and coco fiber on top of the GS the discussion I was reading involved a mixture of cement, dirt, fibers etc. that you just spread on and molded over the GS. I believe it took a couple of days to dry.

Sound familiar?

Thanks all!

I believe you are referring to the Dutch method using a concrete bonding additive (flevopol), peat moss, & coco-peat. I have tried it in a 10 gal. and it has held up for almost a year so far. It holds moisture without breaking down and the plants climb and root in it nicely.

Here are some links I had read before trying it:

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