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Where to buy great stuff ?
Where can I get great stuff ? Is great stuff "foam in a can" ? I know I can get that at home depot, but is that the same stuff ? If it isnt the same stuff, is that "foam in a can" safe for a background ?
yep it is expanding foam in a can.
you can buy it at any hardware store, home depot,lowes, ace hardware. they have a couple of types. the one type doesn't expand as much as the others. there are other expanding foams also besides great stuff.
thanks a lot
there are other foams out there. they are for pond making. becketts is a brand which you can get in the pond section of home depot. it is black but is more expensive than the great stuff.
I just bought some more tonight at the Walmart. It was abut 2 dollars cheaper then the Home Depot and about 3 dollars cheaper then Lowes. I was looking for some but din't want to spend 6 dollars a can at Lowes. So I went into the Walmart that was next door to take a look and there it was. Just thought I would let you all know. I don't know if they carry it on the regular basis or not but if I need anymore I will look there first.

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