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A beautiful pair of Blues............need some info.

Okay, I am definately hooked. Went to FrogFest NW and found a beautiful pair of blue darts. They are in a gorgeous vivarium (waterful, lots of plants, coco hut and the like) They are a proven pair, No clutches yet but it has only been a week since Emmas last clutch. Couple of questions for anyone who can help me.
1) The ideal temp for mating/egg laying
2) Can Erik and Emma ever be fed too much
3) My male seem to enjoy hunting food more than just finding food, is this normal?
4)If there is food available and he isn't eating it, is he not hungry?
5) Having a LOT of trouble with the fruit fly situation giving them larvae from fruit flies (Female loves it, male not so keen)
We have been leaving non stop messages with a fruit fly distributer out here for food for my little guys and they are not being very cooperative so we are trying to find other sources of food!!! No one carries springtails or pinheads................WHAT DO I DO???
Thank you guys so much in advance, I want to raise happy healthy frogs and any help would be beautifully appreciated!

you might want to try Ed's Fly Meat. ( They are located in WA. They sent me a great culture of sprintails and all the supplies I needed to start culturing all my food. Give them a call, they deliver an excellent product with great customer service.

Ed's is the place that we have been trying and trying to get a hold of. No answering of phones, our internet was down so we could NOT order online, we both work ALOT so library was out of the question.... It says if you have a food emergency (which we ran into) to give them a call-------keep in mind I live in Port Orchard no kidding not a mile from their place of buisness and they refused to help us in any way shape or form. Not good buisness practice I don't think. So we get our fruit flies today and we are going to raise our own so this doesn't happen again!! I am not completely slamming Eds but if you have a customer that needs something HELP THEM OUT. Thank you though for your reply, I do appreciate it.

that is surprising! i am glad you found a place to supply you though. sorry i couldnt help further.

You say you couldnt get ahold of them...and you also say they refused to give you help? did you finally get ahold of them and then they refused or do you mean you took not being able to get ahold of them as a refusal? Its kinda hard to tell from your post...and there is a HUGE difference there...especially when talking about someones buisness practices.

I've dealt with ED's in emails and on the phone and i find it very hard to believe that they would flat out refuse to help. I do find it quite plausible however that you couldnt get ahold of them. They probably attend many shows, and i believe one or both have other jobs and the fly thing is not their main source of income...though i could be mistaken or this could have changed since last i spoke to either of them.

The only way i can imagine Erin or Dave refusing help is if they answered the phone and were immediately slammed with swear words and insults by an irate stranger.

I am shocked by your post. We stand by our phones constantly and do miss calls occasionally. But if there is one thing I can say about missed calls is that we are really good about calling people back. Did you leave a message?
Quote:and they refused to help us in any way shape or form.

We did? Please explain this comment.

Upon further review of this, I see that an order (perhaps yours) was placed with us. If so you should have gotten the flies from us already. There is a note that no message was left on our voice mail. This would have been helpful as we could have and would have delivered flies to you (which we have done before). If yours is the order I am thinking of, your order was placed for express mail next day. Expensive, we shipped it priority to save you some cash as delivery would be just as quick. Every call is important to us, and no order is EVER to small to fill. If we were able to help you then great! I am glad, if not then I have to say that the break down in communication is on both our hands. We have been in business for 10 years, and blowing people off is not in our best interest and just crappy customer service. It's just not what we do. We started our business so that people could afford the hobby. I am shocked that you are suggesting that we could care less. It's just not what we do.
This is not to be meant as a flame, just a fair response to your post.
Hope your frogs are well.

This post was made in August...and you haven't replied to ED's_Fly_Meat_Inc yet? They sent you a respectful note addressing your rudeness, and you can't back up your claim? How cowardly! If you are going to flame someone, at least stay and back up your posts intelligently!

perhaps it was handled by a PM. Not everyone likes to air their dirty laundry in public.

I've only dealt with Ed's Fly Meat once so far, but in that transaction I was simply shocked by how helpful they were. I bought some flies w/ a bunch of other stuff at the expo a few weeks back, and I was amazed by polite and nice the guy was who helped us. He was very open about giving him a call if I had any questions at all. It's a shame you had a bad experience- I'm sure it wasn't deliberate though. Us NW froggers need to stick together! The dart frog community is simply too small to have bad blood.

Congrats on your new frogs!

Good luck with that not the only HORROR story with that company!! I would just order from someone who knows how to run a business!!


It normally helps to provide a correct address when trying to get somthing shipped to you :wink:

Really, publicly bashing a respected memeber of the DF community isnt going to help matters. Things like this should be handled with a pm, and placed in the vendor feedback section.

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