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Toe Tapping - Whats it mean ?

I have a question about my Yellowback Dart Frog. I've noticed that when he/she is eating or very active, the back middle toes on each foot tap really fast, like Morse-code. I've been thinking it's just a reaction of being excited but I'd like to know if anyone else who may also have a Yellowback has ever seen the same. If anyone know's anything please share. Thank you and I hope to learn more about this toe tapping. =)

mine do it too. always wondered about that. trying to attract the food maybe?

No one really knows why they do the toe tapping, but it is not limited to when the are hunting food. They also toe tap during courtship and even during battle.

i think its common for most land dwelling frogs. my toads and my darts all toe tap. it would be nice to know what it truly means.

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