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Can Frogs suffer from Constipation ?

The reason I am wondering is because today I noticed that one of my powder blue tincs is acting strange. He/she is squatting as if trying to defecate but to no success. If in fact the frog is constipated what do I do? What are some things that I should watch out for? Any suggestions ideas or comments are welcome.


can you tell us a little more about the tank parameters (ie:humidity, temp ) ? Also what have you been feeding the frogs?

It’s a ten gallon tank that is set up vertically. The humidity is always high and the temperature ranges between 70 to 80. At the moment the only thing they feed on is fruit flies. I have been keeping a close look on the frog and it seems that he/she is back to her old self. Don’t know what that was all about but I am sure glad that everything looks fine.

Myrna, a 10 gal vertical tank is really not enough space for that frog. A 10 gal setup horizontally (standard configuration) would be ok for one or two.
If the frog seems to be acting "normal" just keep an eye on it. Be sure your temps do not go above 80 degrees, and be sure you are measuring the temp with a good quality digital thermometer.

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