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More idiot posts.
Please let me know via PM or email when you see a post that you know doesn't belong on the forum. I try my best to check a few times a day, but I could get to them sooner since I get my message via my phone. Thanks --Corey
Hey Corey,
More crap porn posts today. Why not impose a ten day , two week, whatever wait period before any new "members" are allowed to post anything? During that wait period some of these porn purveyors may have forgotten they were even signed up.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
It takes time to add the mod...needs code change. It has been awhile since the board has been updated, so it might be a little more difficult((but good idea, will check into it)). With the law suites and everything I have just been so busy. Plus where would I get my daily porn?
I am the man! Ok, I am not putting this in the news forum ((where this belongs)) because I think I'll give it away. I added a mod tonight ((5 files changed, 40 lines of code))....yes ... yes.. all for you Rich --haha.. actually ME and my 'proven inability to moderate a forum time after time' -- or at least what I have been told ((please notice the quotes))! This mod will make a new user post 5 replies before they can post a new post. Since installing and setting up, it has already differed 2 people ((One looks like a Viagra dealer)). I will have one of my programmers look at the code and see if they can modify what I have added to include a 1 day reply on posts. This should pretty much eliminate most of the spam. Or at least make them waste more time than I.
Maybe its the wine.....but funny how I can't even type in
on my own board! Just needed to add this....
A new user needs now only reply to two posts before the can create a topic. The new mod seems to be pretty effective. --Corey
hey corey, against adding a few mods for the board? Not everyone is available 24/7 and some us are up at late hours. some are not. i know i am up very late due to insomnia( sux but sometimes till 4 am grrr) is very easy to make just a few posts and seems those few posts, x-rated almost get seen instantaneously.and rather quickly. I know i have reported quite a few via PM. just worrying about the underage users of this board. also i see that guests are allowed to post? can this be changed at all? Not hard to sign up and get your name and profile out there....maybe the board members or you can nominate/ask trusted members? I'm co-admin for a small local board, and up late, allowing me to delete any obscene material if need be? just thought i'd throw this option out there to maybe help you and also make sure there is as little time as possible that a person can keep their X-rated material off the board. kristy :?: lol about the wine post. :wink:

p.s. i am aware of how difficult and time consuming this can be. i also have been curious if there should be an option for donations and sponsorship to the site.
Hmmm, I was pretty sure guests couldn't post. Each forum has it's own permissions. Do you know which one lets guests post? Thanks --Corey
corey...unless it is my computer i thought some users had a small type in their name as guest but maybe i am mistaken? i could take a better look? didnt mean to offend you corey just a suggestion?? . kristy :oops:
i am just so sad thread in newbies section. you'll see a little name typed small that says guest. just curious if these are registered users or not? thanks,

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