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is moss from outside ok? how are these morphs for a newbie?

Im in Alaska we have alot of natural moss growing here.Is it ok to use it for your terrarium? and whats te diffrence between a vivarium and a terrarium?

Also ive been looking at several diffrent breeds and i just read a post saying that the cobalts were difficult to raise.which is one of the breeds i was thinking about getting.I was wondering if these otheres should not be gotten as well

Blue auratus
Blue azures
Bronze auratus
Brazillian yellow head morph
Surinam cobalt

Im leaning heavily towards the inferalanis and the blue or bronze auratus

Im not planning on getting all of these,i wish im just going to get two diffrent types,but i listed them all as these are the diffrent mophs ive been looking at for the last couple weeks.
I sure whomever i buy them from will be able to tell me as well but never hurts to get a second opinon from some one else who riases them.

Hi epic501.
The moss you collected in Alalska will probably look ok for a while, however since it is a native moss, it will need a cool (cold) dry period, and will probably not be tolerant of the consistently warm temp found in your vivarium.
The difference between a terrarium and a vivarium is a vivarium can be a terrarium suitable to to sustain a certain specie of animal.

We usually try to recommend begginer frogs that will do well together in a group, are easily seen and don't shy away when you approach the tank, and can take a little large food items. if neccessary. We usually recommend, D. leucomelas, D. auratus (green and black), D. galactonotus, D. truncatus (yellow), P.vittatus, P. terribilis. These are some that are readily available in the hobby and would be a little better suited for a first time frog keeper. Any of the others would be great once you get a little more experience.
i'll add that auratus are usually very shy. they hide a lot, so some other frogs which are visible more often may be preferable for a beginner. my first frogs were auratus, and i have no regrets, i just thought i'd point out that they are not as easy to enjoy as bolder frogs.
Hi Cindy

Thank you for taking the time to reply.bummer about the moss there tons of it here,lol.Thank you for pointing me in the right direction on the darts.Theres so many diffrent kinds to pick from.I did here the call of the leucamelas,they sounded very cool.I probbaly go with them and im thinking im just going to get one kind to start with.

Hi Mack thank for your info on the auratus.I could see being pretty disapointed spending 200.00 on frogs that hide all the time,lol.

thanks again to you both

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