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What silicone is best for Vivs ?
I bought 6 tubes of dap dynaflex 230 in black. After looking a little closer at the label I noticed that it said it was mildew resistant once it is dry. It didn't say it had in inhibitors in it but I am assuming that it does if it says that. It also only says it is weatherproof not water proof. I am going to take it back but what do I buy instead. All the GE II has microban in it around here. I did see GE I and didn't see any microban label on that. Can I use this instead on the background? I really need some help. I just can't get this right grrr. I have two tubes of the GE II with the micro ban but I lost the receipt so I don't know if I can exchange that but I am going to see if I can.

I have a section of my back wall completed except sealing. I am doing it in sections and then I am going to glue it to the back of the tank. I did it this way in case I want to rearrange something, it hopefully will make things a little easier do so this way. I made it by laying small plastic containers that where cut in half on some egg crate in various positions then spraying the foam over it. I carefully removed the foam piece from the egg crate and cut some of it with a razor blade where it was too thick. The plastic cups popped away from the foam in the process, leaving nothing but the foam to form the pockets for the plants. When I finally figure out what I can use to glue the bed-a-beast onto the foam should I seal the inside of the niches with the silicon to water proof them? Should I also seal the back of the foam with just silicon before I glue it to the back wall ?

I almost have my water fall completed as well. I made it from flat stones and a glue called American Hammerhead quick stick. It is food safe after it dries and is waterproof. That stuff is AWESOME. I had tried to glue the waterfall together with black aquarium sealant and it fell apart twice! So I saw the hammerhead in the craft store, looked it up on line and saw food safe once it was dry and gave it shot. I would use this stuff again that is for sure! I used a little of the spray foam on the waterfall as well because I didn't want to lose water out the back of the fall. I need to cover this with something as well, even if it is just the silicon. So do you guys think that the GE I silicon would be safe to use? The bed-a-beast is almost dry and I really am itching to cover the part of the background I have prepared with it. Plus I have the next two days off from work. So I would like to get it done in the next two days. Thank you in advance for any help with this matter. I really appreciate it !
FYI GE Silicone I is not as elastic as Silicone II and it is also more prone to cracking. I spoke to one of the representatives at GE whom to my surprise told me that the silicone that they are selling now with the BIoSeal (mold and mildew inhibitor) is the same silicone product that they were selling before. The only difference is that for proprietary reasons they couldn’t have the logo on the tubs before. Since all of this stirrup I have made three other vivariums and have had no problem what so ever. Hope this helps answer your question.
Thank you for the reply. I bought just GE 100 % silicone for siding and trim. It did a great job holding the bed-a-beast to the foam. I have some touching up to do but nothing to big. It looks great so far too. I thought it would be just a big pain in the neck but it was really fun to do. I also covered the parts on the waterfall where I had sprayed the foam so I wouldn't loose water through the back. It looks great.
I kept getting conflicting oppinions on the one with the bioseal and decided to give up on anything with bio seal. I wonder why the GE I is made so differently. But I will see how this GE 100% silicone holds up. I will keep the other stuff in mind if I decide to do more enclosures in the future. I have a tank I am thinking about making into an enclosure for some peacock day geckos after I am done with the frog enclosure. I am thinking about making a background for that enclosure like the one for the frogs. But thank you for the FYI.

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