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GE Silicone and Background

I took the other stuff back this morning and bought three tubes of the GE siding and trim. It is 100% silicone and does not have any mildew inhibitors like the other stuff did.

It wasn't as bad I as thought it was going to be, it was actually kinda fun spreading the silicone around and putting the bead-a-beast on the foam. I used some of this on my water fall to conceal the foam and it worked very nicely. My back wall has some areas that need to be touched up but the first time around worked great. I slabbed on the glue in clumps spread it and grabbed the bed-a-beast and pushed it firmly into the silicone. I saved the bed-a-beast that was on the newspapers underneath the wall and slid it back into the bucket. I am going to let it finish drying over night. I will touch it up in the morning. I only used one tube of the silicone to do it too, not too bad. I will use part of another tube tomorrow to patch it up. Thanks, just wanted to update where I was at.

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