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How to mount an orchid?
I recently purchased a miniature Orchid - Pleurothallis sp. aff. grobyii. On the website I purchased it from says it is "easy to grow mounted in the tropical terrarium, moist but well drained." Does this mean I mount it on some bark with some moss or does it mean I place it on the ground? Does it need dirt if on the ground?

It is a 10 gallon set up with one fluorescent reptile bulb and a ceramic heat lamp (I keep my house cold). The humidity is kept with an ultra-sonic humidifier to keep humidity around 60%-75%
I also have the light gooing on a 12 on 12 off cycle? Will the orchid ever form a flower? Is the a better light cycle schedule?
Hi justinc55,
Pleurothallis grobyii is pretty much a weed. You want to mount it on a surface such as cork bark, tree fern fiber, driftwood, moss covered rock, well you get the idea. I would not plant it in the substrate, but when you have an extra piece of it stick it down there and see what happens. The light cycle should be ok. it is more about intensity. Even shade loving species like Pleurothallis need a lot more light indoors than you might think. If the leaves start to turn kinda purple, that tells you the light is about the maximum the plant can take. As for flowering, if I recall, Pleurothallis grobyii blooms off and on through out the year. Some Pleuros are in bloom all the time. Welcome to the addictive world of orchids. It is as bad as the frogs. Let me know if I can help.
this is a construction journal from the black jungle website:
in the middle are a few pictures and explanations on how they mounted their plants.

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