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Substrate -how often do you have to change out ?
I know from past expieriences with herps and rodents that the substrate of a vivarium/terrarium has to be changed often (once or more a month). With the complex setups of the vivariums I see on this forum and others, how often do you have to change out the substrate ? Since the frogs are rather small, do their feces just feed plants or does the whole vivarium need to be cleaned out every now and then ? Also, how often do they on average have a fecal movement ? (I am new to PDF's).

Thanks !
HI gonfishin,
if the vivarium is set up properly in the beginning, there is really no need to change the substrate. This will depend a lot on the type of substrate you are using. We use an all organic mix that we blend, and it will break down over time, then we will need to add fresh substrate, to build it back up. Misting the tank will "wash" the fecal matter to the substrate where it will be utilized by the plants as food.

Can't answer the question on frequency, sorry.
Thanks a lot for the reply. That is intense, Its like planet earth in 20 gallons! man i love the idea of having a self sustaining (to a degree) rainforest in my room. I think I will build a small vivarium (5-10 gal) to get the basics of building down. then i will move onto a 40 g tank. My parents (mom) arent too keen on the idea of having any sort of creatures in the house besides myself and my brother ( i am 15) but if I keep my viv' alive for a while i think i will change their minds -i just found a breeder that lives real close Big Grin )

thanks again

sometimes the smaller set ups can be more of a challenge than larger ones, but good luck with it.
Sounds like you are fortunate to have a breeder close to you. Are dart frogs difficult to obtain in your country?
Well sadly I have found today that the breeder near me only breeds herps and gecko's Sad . however a friend of mine who is also into creatures of all sorts has found a get together of all people owning herps and amphibians near us Big Grin . This is good i will do some (a lot of) research then go straight for a 20 gal viv. unlike where i used to live in the states here a 20 gal for what i need will run at about $130.00. I think that funding the frog's house here is really gonna be harder than I thought. Oh and the frogs I am going to try for are a sexed pair of azureus.

now to the question of -are the frogs hard to get ? I have to say, it's incredibly difficult to fine a sexed pair. Obscenely difficult- but I will try. I think I'll build the Viarium this winter and get frogs next Spring.

That's all for now,
Sometimes, I like to tear down an entire vivarium - usually not a steady producing obligate viv though, and take it outside, hose it down, sterilized it and totally rebuild it. These are usually 10, 20 and sometimes 40 gallon breeders, usually tincs, leucs and auratus.

Just a preference thing. As Cindy said ,some Vivariums and some false bottoms (water) NEVER need to be drained or changed out. It's all dependant on many factors. Nothing cookie cutter / Gospel about this facet of the hobby (like many others). Also, the smaller the Vivarium, the more closely you will have to look at the substrate and related conditions.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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