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How to clean spots on the glass?

Sorry to come on here and ask several questions, but I appreciate the answers and help.

My question is I started out hand misting my 10 gallon set up. There is now water spots on the glass. I have moved to an ultra-sonic humidifier. What is a good way to get rid of the spots? Maybe 10:1 ratio vinegar water? Is there a better way? Is there something safe I can purchase to clean the glass that will not harm the frogs?
Thanks again everyone!

Hi justinc55.

On glass tanks we usually use a cloth, or paper towel dampened with water and wipe the glass. Are you using distilled or RO water to mist your tank?

I find the quickest and best results can be achieved by simply using a fresh razor blade. And as Cindy has said, RO or demineralized water will keep it clean.


Hi thanks for the replies. I use tap water that sits in a gallon container for at least 48 hours before use. What is RO? Is distilled better ? I tried a damp rag with no success.

sounds like you will need to use the single edged razor blade as James recommended.
RO is abbreviation for Reverse Osmosis. This is a process that removes EVERYTHING from the water, chemicals, minerals,etc. You can purchase RO units for home use, they are fairly inexpensive. Kent Marine sells one called the "Bare Bones" unit, I believe it will filter 12 gallons a day. Some tropical fish stores sell RO water, if you bring in your own jug, they will fill it for a price. Distilled water is just as good in our experience.

Thank you so much for your help cindy and others.

I will try a razor blade. I no longer use a hand mister. I have hooked up my ultra sonic humidifier to it that I have for a large tree frog cage. It is the vicks ultra sonic humidifier that has a water purifier filter that I change every 6 months. Is this water safe or do you still suggest distilled water? It also is great because it does not spot the glass and helps oxygen flow.

thanks again

Depending on where you live you could also use rainwater (ie not in a city with lots of polution)

My local fish shop sells RO water at £3.50 for around 20 gallons

Softer water is better for certain plants too - orchids etc

i love my RO unit! it doesn't take that many bottles of storebought water to make up the price of buying an RO unit. if you use tap water, definitely use a product like am-quel which removes chlorine and CHLORAMINE. many cities use chloramine these days, and it does not evaporate out quickly like chlorine, so aging the water for 48 hours doesn't have the desired effect.

i used distilled water and my glass gets dirty too.

Cut a lemon in half. Wipe the glass with that.
That tends to take care of some serious water spots and it's natural.

My family actually owns a water well drilling business and if you have well water there is nothing better than using it if you know the levels of certain minerals are stable in it!! The natural minerals that come in well water benefit plants and animals!! If you have city water I would definitely use a different source for your water.

Like the lemon, distilled white vinegar works well too. I use it in a 50/50 mix with RO water, to clean glass.


A razor blade is a great method, just be aware of where the dust or dirty water is going that you scrape off.

Lemons are also a great method, again, just be careful that the lemon juice doesn't get all over your viv.

Good, New Razor Blades work on 98% of anything on the viv glass. I highly recommend a cheap little plastic scraper - that holds a single blade. Very cheap at Wal Mart - @ 3.00 for the tiny coloured plastic scraper handle and it comes with a small box of blades. Very handy. Easily makes my "top 10 frogroom essential tools".

If the glass is actually pitted and has "divets" or idea what kinda powerful stuff would do that.

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Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems

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