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Good hardcover books for dart frog care


First post.

I am looking for a good hard cover dendro book in the 60 buck range. I like the three volume one over at black jungle but that is $ 250.00 - a little out of my price range.

Something like this book here is what I am looking for... this doesn't appear to be available yet though and I cant find info stating when it will be or at what price. ... k_code=xm2

Links would be nice if you know of one.


hey there,

i am anxiously waiting for that one to come out too. amazon says summer 2005 for that book, but that's not specific enough! i want it now!

as for another good book, ... ce&s=books

i have heard good things about that one, but haven't mustered the extra cash to get it yet. let me know if you get it and how nice it is. i would love to hear from others on the board too if they have the book. ~Lauren

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the PBS that Lauren is talking about is being sold by Black Jungle. It looks like a good book and is in the price range you are looking. I dont know if it is hardback though.


I am a pre-newb. Would this breeder series geared only to those who are breeding and only for breeding or would this be an all encompasing type deal?

I think the more you understand the better off you are. I would say learn as much as you can. If you know how to breed them then keeping them should be easy.


Thanks Mike-good call.

I went ahead and ordered that book.

Its late but tomorrow I will make a post that details my intentions for creating a terrarium/vivarium... whatever you want to call it. Hopefully you all will have some good suggestions for me.

Nice little community here... I have been doing some lurking about and gotten answers to many ?s all ready.

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