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breeders/adults and babies for sale

----adult yellow back pair - they were sold to me as a pair but i have not gotten any eggs from them
asking 150.00 or best offer
----trio of allanis - 2 females and a male - i have had these guys for almost 3 years and they have given me alot of babies. i currently have close to 20 offspring. nothing wrong with the trio - just need to make room for other frogs.asking 200.00
----Male female pair of orange basti's - the male is offspring from patrick nabors and the female is from the will at the frogfarm. only thing is that the female lost her eye about 1 year ago. the male still calls but i do not mist the tank, and i have not had any babies yet. asking 125.00 for the pair
---2 imitator froglets - they are about 1-2 months out of the water $40.00
---25 - cobalt babies all range from 4 months to 3 weeks out of the water) asking $25.00
---7 - azureus babies – 3 months out of the water asking $40.00
---7 - patrica – 3 months out of the water asking $35.00
---10 - alanis babies – about 1 months out of the water $25.00
yellowback pair
[Image: normal_yelloback.jpg]
[Image: normal_female.jpg]
[Image: normal_male.jpg]
Alanis Trio
[Image: normal_DSC00070.JPG]
female basti
[Image: normal_female%7E0.jpg]
male basti
[Image: normal_male%7E0.jpg]
cobalt babies
[Image: normal_DSC02633.JPG]
azureus babies
[Image: normal_DSC02636.JPG]
alanis babies
[Image: normal_alanis.jpg]
patricia babies
[Image: normal_DSC02634.JPG]
will ship anywere in the US (weather permitting)
also i would preffer to meet - i live in the frederick MD area
also looking for a few things for trade -


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