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Moving Sale - All tanks MUST go - 1 WEEK LEFT

Hi everyone,

I am moving out of the country VERY SOON and need to get rid of a few tanks as I cannot take them with me. If you don't like my asking price make me an offer as I MUST get rid of them before I leave. I have a move date now and MUST GET RID OF THESE.

If I don't get rid of these within the next week they are going to just go down in my basement and all the plants/moss will die; until I can replant the tanks when I returen from overseas in a few years :-(


1 x 46 Gallon planted Bowfront tank with pond and waterfall - $121 OR BEST OFFER

1 x 18x18x18 planted Exo-Terra with pond area. - $55 OR BEST OFFER



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