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D. Tinctorious "Azureus" eggs hatch time ?

I have a small clutch of eggs, they are 19 days old. What is a normal time-frame for them to hatch ? I know they are still viable as they do wiggle when I mist them.

can you tell if the gills are still attached?
Is this their first clutch?

Hi Cindy,
This is not their first clutch, it is however, mine Wink

I do not see gills anymore.

if they have dropped their gills, it sounds like they are very close to hatching. You can also tell by the tadpoles body will start to straighten out in the egg, not curved as much head to tail.
You mentioned that you mist the eggs, is this the only water that the eggs come in contact with?

Yes, that is the only water. There is still alot of jelly around all the eggs.

We usually keep the eggs partially submerged, or at least have enough water in the petri dish so it is touching the edges of the eggs. The amount of moisture / humidity might play a role in how easy it is for the tadpoles to break out of the egg sack.
Just a thought.

I really didnt do a good job describing the set up. I have a pyrex bowl with lid, there is a couple inches of water in this bowl. Setting inside of the bowl, is the lid with the eggs. The humidity stays at 95% according to the gauge.

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