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Global warming conservation groups proposed

I find this very upsetting just who do they think will help put the frogs back into the wild if there are not any breeders and please don't tell me zoos and Scientists. Well the breeders play a very important roll in or environment we do the research on or frogs some of us for many years as I did. I am still learning every day something new on theses little guys and out of 2 years raising them I have only lost my very first few tads. I understand what they are trying to do and say, but maybe they are taking it to far: The rest of the story can be found at- ... rming.html

WASHINGTON (AP) -- International conservation groups proposed a $404 million effort Monday to preserve frogs and other amphibians whose sensitive, porous skins often make them the first indicator of when nature goes awry.
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Conservation International and other groups said they plan a series of emergency actions and long-term research that includes describing at least 1,000 new species, preventing future habitat loss and reducing trade in amphibians for food and pets.

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